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VIDEO: "Yowamushi Pedal" Anime Season 2 Slated for October

This weekend's Le Tour de Yowapeda event has revealed that following the conclusion of cycling animeYowamushi Pedal's current run with episode 38 on June 30th, the series will resume with a second season in October.

The Time That Sonico Cosplayed as Chaika

Including the fact that its light novels are illustrated by Namaniku ATK, the Chaika - The Coffin Princess series has been tied to Nitroplus. Last year, before the anime, Chaika and Nitroplus ran a crossover campaign that including a special "if" booklet with art by Nitroplus collaborators like Yuupon, Chuuou Higashiguchi , Sakayama Shinta, Ookuma Nekosuke and Super Sonico character designer Tsuji Santa.

"Super Smash Bros." Gets a "Pong" Style Assist Trophy

The latest Super Smash Bros. Assist Trophy takes us way back to the early days of console gaming as we know it. In this case it's the Color TV Game 15, a Nintendo home console from the late '70s that played 15 variations of a Pong-style game called Light Tennis.