Aldnoah.Zero Episode 13 - This Side of Paradise

The series returns with Episode 13 - This Side of Paradise

It's been 19 months and the Terrans are in bad shape as the Martians have claimed most of Earth. The latest threat is an enemy whose powers allow him to freeze anything within a certain area.

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Parasyte -the maxim- Episode 1 - Metamorphosis

They arrived in silence and darkness, descending from the skies with a hunger for human flesh. Parasites - alien creatures who must invade and take control of a human host to survive – have come to Earth. No one knows their secret except high school student, Shinichi Izumi, who’s right hand has been invaded by an alien parasite. Shinichi and Migi, the parasite in his hand, begrudgingly form a friendship and find themselves caught in the middle of a war between humans and parasites.

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Prison School Anime Green-lit

Akira Hiramoto's Prison School / Kangoku Gakuen manga series has had an anime adaption successfully green-lit, with the announcement appearing on the wraparound jacket band of the series' 14th volume. 


Aldnoah.Zero: Justice Will Prevail

Perhaps one of the most anticipated series of the 2014 Summer anime season is Aldnoah.Zero- an understandable response given the calibre of the show’s production team. Although at the time of the writing of this blog only four episodes have hitherto been released, first impressions suggest that Aldnoah.Zero certainly has the capability to fulfill its potential.